Filekiwi is a smart way for file sharing without the limits using 📂WebFolder .

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When you click the button below, a web folder is made available where you can place files. And it can be shared by sending it. The files are encrypted and only the recipients to the folder link can open it. Uploaded diles will be deleted after 90 hours.

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🐶 Easy to use

create new web folder

put files into the web folder

share its link

Powerful features

No size limits

free upload & unlimited downloads

End to End encryption

128-bit AES-GCM. More secure than google drive and dropbox.

Real time sharing

No need to wait for a 100% upload. Downloading and uploading at the same time.

Resume Downloads

Resume incomplete downloads and save time.

Two-way sharing

Send and recieve files on same page at same time.

Permission control

Make your web folder readable or writable as you want.

API for Developers

Add a file attachments feature to your app with webfolder API. It's free and esay to use.

🆓 Always free before file expired

Simple pricing to download expired file. No Ads, No hidden cost.