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en: Excluded because the size is 0.Dashboard/ LoginThe upload will stop and the download link will be deleted. Should I cancel the upload?

There is no file size limit.

Files are encrypted.

🗂️Open a new Webfolder

upload complete - Uploaded files are completely deleted after 96 hours.
If you need more time, try Unlimited Webfolder.
How to add files?
Click the Open button to navigate, then click the Add file button to add it to the file list in real time.
Various sharing options
Click the Open button to move, then click the button to display various methods. You can create a password-protected URL or shortened address or share it as a QR.
What if the file upload is interrupted?
You can resume uploading files from the point where they stopped. There is no need to start over from the beginning.
If the file upload is stopped, click the Open button to move, then click the Retry upload button. (Wait for a moment and the button will appear in the file list.)

Quick and Flexible

Webfolder is a shared Internet file storage space.

  • Each Webfolder has a unique link address (URL), so it can be easily forwarded.
  • It can be used in Outlook, company mail, Gmail/Naver/Daum mail, all bulletin boards, cafes, blogs, etc., which have file attachment capacity limitations.
  • You can use it quickly without signing up when using it casually.
  • If you Sign up, you can precisely control read/write permissions.

Private and Secure does not transmit the original file.

  • It is encrypted before uploading and the original is not stored. Of course, the decryption key is not stored either.
  • No one can search/view/censor it.

Solid basics, powerful features

Unlimited file uploads proceed on the spot without hassle.

There is no limit to file size. There is no limit whether it is 10G or 500G. You can upload all kinds of files: videos, documents, images. Depending on the capacity, it does not interfere with viewing ads/ Sign up/waiting/slow uploading. Now you can share even the largest files in one go without splitting them.

It is safely transmitted and completely destroyed without storing the original.

We use end-to-end encryption (end-to-end 128-bit AES-GCM), which does not store the original. So, unlike typical cloud storage services, the original is not stored on the server. Even file names are encrypted. Without a shared address that acts as a password, the original cannot be read, and censorship or monitoring is impossible. Encrypted files are also completely deleted from the server after 90 hours. (If you use a paid plan, the time can be extended.)

Convenient shared folders and batch operations

Since the sharing unit is a folder (= Webfolder), multiple files can be delivered at once. If you drag and drop a file as if you were putting it in a folder, the upload will start immediately. You can also upload many files at once.

Real-time sharing

You can share as soon as you start uploading. In other words, the file becomes available for sharing as soon as you select it, without waiting for 100% upload completion. Especially for large file sizes, sharing time can be significantly reduced. Whether the file size is 50Gb or 100Gb, sharing begins in real time in just 10 seconds. In particular, MP4 files can be played immediately, so the waiting time is zero for both the sender and the receiver.

Simple method of sharing links

The Webfolder created from has a unique link address (URL). Forward this to the other person and sharing will begin immediately. It is also created as a QR code so it can be read on other devices and easily shared with one click. Alternatively, you can copy the link and paste it into the body of the email or messenger conversation.

Convenient two-way sharing for collaboration

In addition to simple delivery, it can also serve as a shared file box for multiple people to upload and receive files. Alternatively, you can enable only uploads so that only the Webfolder creator can download. This way, you can use it for file collection purposes like a mailbox or submition box. In particular, it is convenient for people who do not know how to send files because they can receive files by simply sending a link.

Support for Resume download / Resume upload

Network errors often occur when uploading or downloading files. At this point, starting over from scratch is a waste of time, and if the file size is large, you may have to give up altogether. internally transfers files in segments, and even if it stops in the middle, you can proceed from the point where it stopped without restarting from the beginning.

A simpler Chrome extension

Using the Chrome extension, you can transfer files from any site without having to visit or copy and paste. Just click the right button in the text input window and select the 'Attach Webfolder ' menu to start sharing files immediately. It can be used in most browsers (Chrome-based browsers).

Get started now

It can be used for a variety of purposes.

When attaching a large file to an email

This is convenient to use when sending large files by email. Just put the file in the Webfolder and add the link in the body of the email and you're done. Since the original file is not stored in an external service, it can be used with confidence even in companies where security is sensitive.Easy to use via email

When sharing original photos/videos with friends

It's fun to share photos and videos you take while having fun with friends. Although there are many SNS, it is not easy to share the original content. There is no way to share large files for free. can be used as a shared folder where participants can jointly upload. There are no Sign up requirements or capacity limits. You can preview on the web, select the files you want, and download them all at once.

When delivering media materials or outcomes to customers in file format

When sending photos or videos with large file sizes, try using, which allows you to send the original and preview at the same time. There is no need to send the original files as a zip file, and it is convenient because customers can quickly preview and download individual files. In particular, the original large-capacity mp4 video can be previewed directly on the web, greatly shortening the time it takes to check the result.

When you need to distribute files to many people

Most cloud services have limits on the number of downloads or download capacity. So, if downloads temporarily increase, downloads will be stopped without exception. There is no download count or capacity limit for You can always download right away as long as the free download time does not expired. When you need to distribute a file on social media, you can share it without worrying about this. Additionally, if necessary, the free download time can be extended through a paid service.

When you need to receive a large file from a computer illiterate

Sending large files is not simple. This task is difficult for those who are not familiar with technologies such as split compression and use of cloud services, and it is also painful for the recipient who has to explain it remotely. simply solves this problem by simply sending a Webfolder link. File uploads proceed intuitively and quickly without file size restrictions or other conditions.

When you need to receive files from many people

For many people, receiving files by email wastes a lot of time. The Submission Webfolder in can serve as a submission box for files. Submitters simply need to press a button to select files, and collectors can download the accumulated files all at once. From requesting file submission to downloading, we make it possible for you to solve all problems with a single link sharing without revealing your email address.More

Play videos from your phone on other devices

When you want to watch MP4 videos on your device on an IPTV or other device with a large screen, you can play them right away without logging in, pre-connecting, or Setting anything else. All you need is a browser installed on the device you want to play on.Play a video in your phone on Tesla's full screen

Receive files without revealing your email (personal information)

When you want to watch MP4 videos on your device on an IPTV or other device with a large screen, you can play them right away without logging in, pre-connecting, or Setting anything else. All you need is a browser installed on the device you want to play on.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

How are files delivered (transmission method) in

There are two main types of file transfer: 1:1 connection (two devices connect directly to transfer files) and there is a server between the two devices (the sending device uploads to the server, and the receiving device downloads from the server). The 1:1 method has security advantages, but is disadvantageous in transmission speed and has limitations in that it cannot be shared by multiple people at the same time. The server method may be uncomfortable with files being stored externally, but it has clear advantages in terms of mass distribution and speed. is the latter method, which uses a server, but secures security by ensuring that the original is not stored on the server through end-to-end encryption. In addition, because it is a split transmission, it is convenient to upload and download at the same time like 1:1 transmission. The file information and encryption key are included in the delivered Webfolder address, and all you have to do is send it to a device connected to the Internet. Files are passed between them.

Doesn't the recipient need to install S/W? is basically a web page. All you need is a web browser to use all features. No separate program installation is required for either the sender or the recipient.

How is the service run for free? (Even without ads)? is basically free, but there are paid plans.

Is there really no limit to the transfer file size? has no explicit restrictions on file size. The actual possible upload/download size will be determined by the limitations of the device or browser being used. PCs are more stable than mobile devices, and for device limits, please refer to Related Help.

Can I download files directly to an external hard drive?

This is possible if your device is a PC. You can download it without using up any storage space on the c: drive. Check out the Large File Download Guide.

Can I use it on mobile devices (iOS or Android)?

Yes. However, for very large capacities, it may be affected by the device's performance. Related Help