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The simplest way to send large files for free without any size limit

Large File Transfer and Sharing

There is no file size limit.

No need to worry about file sizes like 10GB, 100GB, or 200GB. There’s no need to compress or split your files. You can send 20-minute recitals, 1-hour seminars, or 2-hour fireworks videos in high quality without any change. Send original files including AVCHD, MXF, AVI, etc. Don’t limit your precious experiences by file size.

There are no download limits or traffic restrictions.

When you share files through cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox, sharing stops if too many people download them. Thus, it is not suitable for distributing files. To share safely on SNS or internal groupware, alternative methods must be used.

Filekiwi allows unlimited sharing, whether it’s for one, a hundred, or ten thousand downloaders. You don’t have to worry about download links hitting traffic limits.

You can use it for free right away.

Most services charge for the total capacity. And, this is repeated every month. It is unfair from a user’s standpoint to have to pay a month’s fee just to send a large file once. Many people want to share valuable materials but often can’t due to the cost.

Filekiwi is designed in a completely different way. Basic transfers and sharing are completely free, charges apply for long-term sharing. Pay only for the time you spend focused on transferring and sharing.

You can save time.

  • Simple and easy. No need to learn how to use it. You don’t have to explain anything to the other person.
  • Start right away. Enjoy without interruption from sign-ups or ads. No software installation is required for either uploaders or downloaders.
  • Transferring in real-time Just select the files to start sending them to the recipient. Save time waiting for uploads to complete.
  • Resume on error No need to restart from 0%, no time wasted.

You can view the instructions in the slide below.

Start transferring large files now. ➡️