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Play my MP4 video on the Tesla screen

How to play Tesla videos on Filekiwi

Items Needed

  • Video file to play (currently supports only mp4) should be saved on a device (laptop, cellphone, internet access is all you need)
  • Tesla car (Once fully updated,)
  • Internet Connection (3G works, but LTE or WiFi would be better, right?)

Now, after parking in a safe location, ensure that both the device and the car are connected to the internet.

Step-by-step Instructions

Launch the internet browser on the device with the video you want to play and create a Webfolder.

This service isn’t exclusively for Tesla; it’s a versatile service that can be used on any device with a smart TV, smartphone, or internet web browser. When you create a Webfolder, it will have its own unique address, which can be shared with multiple devices and people. Anyone with access to the Webfolder can upload files, and this is reflected in real time. Here, real-time truly means real-time. You can start downloading while the upload is in progress. Additionally, for mp4 videos, they can be played by the recipient from the moment the upload begins. It could essentially be considered streaming. Using this feature will enable Tesla video playback.

Click [Select File]

There is no file size limit when uploading. Files are encrypted from the moment of upload and remain secure on the server, making them inaccessible to anyone. The server administrator cannot access the original content. Only those who know the full Webfolder address can restore to the original. (P2P end-to-end encryption)

Create a temporary address for delivery.

The Webfolder address is quite long as it includes an encryption key. We use a short URL for this.

Move on to the next step immediately, as the short link will only exist for a brief period before disappearing.

Launch the Tesla browser and enter the shortcut address to navigate.

You will see that files have been added to the Webfolder list. Now it can be played, but not in full screen.

Click the [Full Screen] button at the top right.

This All Screen button is displayed only in Teslas. Pressing it will switch to full screen and suddenly display the YouTube page.

*Do you see a YouTube page like the one below?

This part is probably the strangest step… This is a workaround that people have found in a situation where Tesla does not officially provide a full screen. Launch the YouTube app that allows full screen and then switch to another page.

Press [Go to Site] on the YouTube page.

Now you can press [Go to Site]. Then you will be moved to the original Webfolder. Of course, while keeping it in full screen.

*Is the Webfolder displayed in full screen?

When you touch the video file title in the list, the playback screen will appear. Finally, the play button is visible.

Press the play button and fullscreen button.

Is the play button displayed like above? Did pressing the play button start playback?

If you can’t see the play button, the video may not be playable. Some .mp4 files may not be supported for browser playback.

Video will play in full screen.

Tip 1 - Bookmark the same Webfolder in Tesla, add it to your phone’s home screen, and bookmark it on your laptop to upload directly without the need to connect every time.