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Play my mp4 video on the Tesla screen

How to play videos on your Tesla screen using Filekiwi.

Items Needed

  • Device storing the video file to be played (currently only supports mp4) (laptop, mobile phone, internet connection is all you need)
  • Tesla car (to be updated with the latest version,)
  • Internet Connection (3G works, but LTE or WiFi would be better, right?)

Now, after parking in a safe location, ensure that both the device and the car are connected to the internet.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Launch a web browser on the device with the videos you want to play and create a Webfolder.

The short link exists only for a brief period, so please proceed to the next step immediately.

Launch the Tesla browser and enter the shortcut address to navigate.

You will be able to see files added to the Webfolder list. Now playback is possible, but not in full screen.

Click the [Full Screen] button at the top right.

This fullscreen button is displayed only on Tesla. Pressing it will switch to fullscreen and suddenly show the YouTube page.

*Do you see a YouTube page like the one below?

This is probably the strangest step... It's a workaround people have discovered in a situation where Tesla does not officially offer a full-screen option. Switch to another page after launching the YouTube app that allows full screen.

Go to Site from the YouTube screen

Now, click [Go to Site]. Then you will be redirected to the original Webfolder. Of course, in full screen mode.

*Is the Webfolder displayed in full screen?

If you tap on the video title in the list, the playback screen will appear. Finally, the play button is visible.

Press the play and fullscreen buttons.

*Is the play button displayed as above? Has playback started when you pressed the play button?

If you can't see the play button, the video file may not be playable. Some .mp4 files may not be supported for browser playback.

The video will play in full screen.

Tip 1 - If you bookmark the same Webfolder on Tesla, add it to the home screen on your phone, and bookmark it on your laptop, you can upload directly without needing to connect every time.