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Easy Way to Receive Files for the Tech-Challenged - No More Explaining!

There are still people around who are not familiar with computers. People of all ages and genders can be naturally challenged with technology.

We often receive such inquiries.

How do I send a file?

How do I attach files to an email?

The most terrifying question is this.

The file is too large to send.. What should I do?**

Ah... There are many methods that come to mind, but I'm not confident enough to explain them.

Do you really need to spend over 20 minutes on digital training just to download a single file?

Using Filekiwi, you can be free from this issue.

Easy to use. First, create a Webfolder. Think of the Webfolder as a file cabinet for storing your files.

Doing so will create a Webfolder. Copy the address to send to next.

Now, simply send the Webfolder address and request it from the other party.

Drop files here.

It's finished. It's similar to a web hard, but you don't have to share your ID and password with others.

No explanation needed.

Once the recipient clicks the Select files button and chooses, it's done. There are no restrictions, including size limits.

Files are securely encrypted and transferred.

If the other person adds a file, it will be displayed in the list in real time.

Now even the most computer-illiterate person can easily receive files.

Actually, this feature isn't just necessary for computer novices. It means that if it's easy for someone who's not tech-savvy, it's easy and convenient for everyone.

Anyone can easily receive the file.

Additionally, it can be used not only for one-time transfers but also as a channel for exchanging files. I mean, it's a way to share in real time where both I and the other person can upload.

Try using Filekiwi for simple file requests now.

If. If you need to receive files from multiple people but don't want these individuals to see each other's files (as in the case with resumes or portfolios), please refer to the instructions below.

A simple new way to receive files (resumes, portfolios, reports...) from people - no email required.