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Files are securely stored/transferred/disposed of on Filekiwi.

It's unsettling to think that my files are moving somewhere when being transferred and shared.

Filekiwi is making every effort to protect user privacy.

Stored/Sent in End-to-End Encrypted Form.

Encryption begins the moment the user selects a file. (128-bit AES-GCM)

The encryption process takes place in your browser, so no one, including Filekiwi, can know.

Encrypted files are transferred and stored on the Filekiwi server. Content, file names, and preview images are also encrypted.

When the sender provides the file box link to the recipient, it includes the key here. (The part after the # in the address.)

The recipient will use this key to decrypt and save the file.

This process also takes place in the recipient's browser.

Browsers do not send anything after the # when making requests to the server. So, even if a network administrator monitors it, they cannot know the key value.

Only those who know the file box address can access the file.

Files will be automatically destroyed.

All files stored on the server are automatically completely deleted after 90 hours.

However, if you purchase an Unlimited Webfolder, you can extend the destruction date further.