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  • ไทย can recover interrupted upload/download tasks.

Have you ever experienced an interrupted file upload? In most cases, do not panic if it fails. Simply re-upload it. However, re-uploading files of 5Gb, 10Gb, or 20Gb sizes is not a simple task. Even if 90% has been uploaded, it will start over from 0%. It could waste several hours.

There can be several reasons why the file transfer process is interrupted. The internet connection might be unstable, or the device could shut down due to low battery. Internet connections that have been interrupted once are likely to be interrupted again. Due to an unstable network causing continuous upload failures, it's impossible to escape the anxiety throughout the process. Additionally, another common reason is human error. For instance, the user forgets about an ongoing upload and closes the window. As file size increases and the task takes longer, interest in the file transfer diminishes as you become engaged in other activities. The stability of the internet, the condition of the device, and human error are all beyond 100% control.

Therefore, it is best to prepare a method of recovery in advance. So, many people are using the method of splitting files into several smaller ones for transfer. If it fails midway, it continues from where it left off, using the files that have already been transferred. However, the process of splitting and merging files can be very cumbersome. Isn't there a service that does this automatically?

Transfers and recoveries on operate exactly like this. Of course, users are unaware of this because such tasks are carried out automatically within the service. If the transfer process is interrupted, will be aware of the discrepancy.

The screens below show the Resume upload feature that can be used in case of an upload failure.

Even if the window closes, you can resume the interrupted tasks by simply re-accessing the Webfolder address and using the features mentioned above. is designed for large file transfers. We offer not just the permission to upload large files, but all the features necessary to ensure the actual transfer is completed. If you need to send a large file, choose