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Filekiwi provides disposable short URLs for one-time use.

Many sharing services provide short web link addresses.

Filekiwi does not have this feature. The reason we do not offer this is because it does not align with our service direction, which prioritizes secure and confidential transfers.

If the Webfolder address is stored on the server, it increases the likelihood of eventually gaining access to the original files.

Even so, there are times when a shortened URL is absolutely necessary. You will need to enter the web address directly into the browser's address bar.

For this, we now provide a one-time short link.

For example, it shortens long Webfolder addresses like to something like The difference from other services is that the original URL is stored for a limited time only.

You can choose to retain for either 5 minutes or 90 hours.

After creation, enter in the address bar of your web browser to access the original content, but the link will not work after the chosen time has passed.

This feature uses the API provided by the service. Webfolder address is temporarily stored in this service upon creation.

Here's how to use it.