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Attach files to Twitter with one click - Attach unlimited size files to Twitter

Introducing a Chrome browser extension that makes it easy to attach files to Twitter.

As you can see, it has advantages that you won't find in any other app.

  • Using it is very simple. Right-click (right button) in the area where you want to insert the Webfolder link and a Webfolder will be created. Drop files here and you're done.
  • You don't have to wait for the file upload. Normally, you must complete the upload before sharing a link, but with Filekiwi, the recipient can start downloading even while the upload is in progress. No matter how large the file is, it can be transferred immediately like sending a link because there is no waiting time.
  • You can use it not only on Twitter but wherever text input is possible. You can use it with Gmail, company webmail, various forums, and more.

This extension is compatible with all Chrome-based browsers. (Microsoft Edge, etc.)

How to Use

Click the download link below to go to the Chrome Web Store.

Open Web Store

Click the Add button.

Double-check to add the Chrome extension.

You are now ready to use it.

Now you can attach files directly from any text input field. Try it out in the comment box below right now (works on blogs, email, SNS, anywhere).

Hover over the comment input area. Press the right button.

If you see the [Attach to Webfolder] menu as above, it is normal.

When you click this menu, the Filekiwi window will pop up. When a Webfolder is created, a link will be added.

Select files to start the upload, then finish writing your post.