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A new and easy way to send large files on Discord

Discord considers even a 10MB file too large and refuses to send it. They offer to send it if you pay, but even then, only up to 100MB... So, files over 100MB are simply impossible to transfer on Discord.

Is there no way then? Of course, it's common to upload to places like Google Drive and get a link, but... This is inconvenient. There is also a storage limit.

Filekiwi has released a Discord file transfer bot to address this issue.

The features are as follows.

  1. It's easy to use by simply adding it to a Discord server. Just type /file-send in the chat window.

You don't need to wait for the upload to reach 100%. Files selected will be ready for immediate sharing Recipients can download immediately without any interruption in conversation. Regardless of 1MB or 50GB, transfer is quick and seamless.

No size limit.

How to Use.

Just type /file-send in the chat to use it. Then a link will appear; simply click on it and drop your file to finish.

As a result, the link will be made public as follows.

Again, it only takes 10 seconds from entering the command to generating the download link. Start with a single photo, and even 50GB video files take just 10 seconds.

How to Use

Add the file transfer app to your server by clicking the link below

Discord App Directory

If you're not the server administrator, please pass this message on to them. Then it will all be taken care of automatically.

Please refer to the website for information on file transfer features.

Share large files without any size limitations on Discord, KakaoTalk, email, group chats, forums, or anywhere else.