Free- Large File Transfer:No File Size Limit
enAn update is required for new features. Please refresh your browser. If you continue to see this message, please completely close your browser and relaunch it.After confirming that there is enough storage capacity, turn off and restart the device and try again.Please keep the current window open until the file is completely saved. If saving fails, secure more disk space and click the download button again.Click to download.DownloadThis file has been blocked due to a user report. Do you need to inquire about this action?Anyone can upload, but only you can download and view file list.Anyone who receives the Webfolder link can upload/download files.Please update to the latest version of the OS or download it on another device.Anyone can download, but only you can upload.Retry uploadIf you are downloading in another window at the same time, please close the window and try again.Please ensure you have enough free storage space or consider changing the disk where it will be saved. Would you like me to guide you on how to do this?The file name, size, and last modification time must all match the uploaded file. Please select a file that meets the conditions.If you are working on multiple pages at the same time, please proceed with only one.Save folder:One-time file download pass24-hour folder download passPurchase completed:Refresh the page and try again.The file is saved in the [Download] folder.DownloadPermission is required for stable file storage.The file size is large and cannot be downloaded using your device or browser. Download using the Chrome browser on your PC.Select **[Go to site]** on the YouTube screen that will appear shortly.If the content is illegal, you can report it. Shall we proceed?Just tell us about the problem right away in the chat window.Please make sure that the Webfolder link is entered correctly, including the part after the '#'.To create a short link, I would like to send the Webfolder address to the service. To proceed, please select the duration of the short link.Copy linkPlease sign up, log in, and try again.This function is provided to users who purchase the product.The direct link to download this file has been copied to the clipboard.Are you sure you want to delete this file?You need to download this in a new window. Should I open a new window?This feature requires Sign up and login. Would you like to Sign up/log in now?The file may have failed to upload. Please check with the person who uploaded the file to ensure they kept the window open until the upload was completed and there were no errors.The number of downloads (3 per file) has been exceeded. (You can download each file up to 3 times with one ID.)The required information could not be retrieved. Please Refresh and try again.I'm sorry. This file will soon be deleted, and extension is not possible.wait a minuteGo to the link creation preparation screen of (a service that provides shortened URLs with passwords). Shall we continue?Please enter the Webfolder name.If you delete a web folder, you will not be able to download all the files it contains. This action cannot be undone. Do you want to proceed?Please check if you have permission. Or, please Refresh and try again.If you are using an incognito window, open it in a regular window. Or, try closing the browser completely and opening only one window.Please enter a name to displayPlease enter the link address (url) accurately. If you wish to omit it, leave it blank.You have become a sponsor! Your sponsorship will remain active until all traffic is exhausted or you decide to stop sponsoring yourself.This video cannot be viewed in your browser. Download and play using the button displayed in the file list.This file does not support direct viewing. Download and play using the button displayed in the file list.Press the (►) button to play. If a problem occurs during playback, download and play.To use this file, first click the button displayed in the file list.There are files that could not be downloaded. You can check the reason by clicking the download icon next to the file name.All selected files have been downloaded.Checking upload statusThe browser you are currently using may be too old and its features may not work. Please update to the latest Chrome browser before using.The file may already have been downloaded. Check the {fn} folder. Re-downloading may reduce disk space accordingly. Would you like to download again?CancelErrorretrycompleteAnother file is being downloaded. (If pressing the download button every time is inconvenient, try using the batch download function by pressing the ☑ button at the top.)The [{menuname}] feature could be helpful. To use it, select the ┇ button at the top.please wait for a moment. Saving will begin soon.Merging...Please do not close the current window while downloading.If the download process has not started yet, please Refresh the page and try again. If the problem persists, close the browser completely and reopen it.There is no information for that folder. Please check whether the link address is correct and whether the person who created the folder deleted it.The file size is too large to download at once on mobile. Please download them one by one on this device, or download them all at once on your PC (Windows, Mac, etc.).Please ensure you have sufficient storage space for [Batch download]. To download all files, you need an available space of approximately {size}. Would you like to proceed?[Batch download] in progress. Please [Cancel] the operation and try again.Upload progressThis file is being uploaded from the device you are currently using.The upload has not started yet.If progress has stopped, try to Refresh the page and Resume upload.There is a file you were uploading. Shall we resume the upload?This is a Webfolder whose security information does not match or has been deleted. You must enter the entire shared address (including the part after the '#') exactly. Please check again with the person who sent you the link, and if the problem persists, click [?] at the top to contact us.Uploaded files can only be viewed by the folder owner who created the web folder. Other people can only upload, but cannot view the entire list.Unlimited WebfolderupgradeOnly the web folder owner can upload.You can add files.Email verification has not been completed. Please log in againYou are logged out.Only file dragging is supported.You have sponsored download traffic. You can download this Webfolder by sponsoring it. Would you like to proceed with the sponsorship?Apologies. Downloads on iOS browsers are unstable. Please try again on your PC.This browser is not supported. Try using a modern browser such as Chrome or Firefox.OKCopied to clipboard. Please paste it into an email or messenger chat window.It has been changed.{delt} Delete{delt} Free download expired{link},0 files1 file{count} filesPlease switch your browser and try again. (Chrome or Edge)You don't have enough download capacity (traffic) to sponsor. \nWould you like to recharge now?To become a sponsor, you must upload more than twice {min} the file capacity in this Webfolder.Downloads currently in progress may fail. Shall we proceed?{exp} scheduled to expire"{delta} will retry automatically."I'm going to attempt to Refresh and Resume upload. Please select Resume upload from the selection screen that appears after Refresh.Attempt to Resume upload nowPlease keep the window open until the upload is complete.There are incomplete uploads. After checking your internet connection, try to Refresh and Resume upload.Requesting permission to read the file being uploaded.Please keep the screen on while the file is being uploaded, and do not move to another tab or app.Upgrades are only available to Webfolder owners. Please ask the user who created the Webfolder.There are files that have not been uploaded successfully. Please complete or delete them and try again.
Free- Large File Transfer:No File Size Limit
To download and save, click on in the list. To
preview or view file information, click on the file name in the list.
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    A Webfolder that help you to easily and quickly transfer and share large files. is safe and convenient with unlimited capacity, Resume download, and end-to-end encryption.

    Please check the precautions regarding saving large files while downloading.

    Please ensure you have enough free storage space or consider changing the disk where it will be saved. Would you like me to guide you on how to do this?
    Please ensure you have twice the size of the file to download available.
    You can Resume download.
    If the download is stopped, please Refresh the Webfolder and try again.
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